The firm of James E. Collins Architects has been in business for over twenty five years building signifigant experience in the new construction of single family homes, condominium buildings as well as the construction, expansion, renovation and repuposing of commercial establishments.

Our work with existing buildings and building owners ranges from problem solving to maintenance planning. We have examined more than 25,000 buildings and provided transition studies, capital needs assessment, investigated building failures and designed repairs for various public and private agencies.

James E. Collins Architects is a small consulting firm. As a result, senior staff members are involved in every project and our clients directly benefit from all the skills and experience of our engineering/architectural team.

Team Members:

James E. Collins AIA, ASHI, NABIE is licensed in Illinois and has worked with many developers and homeowners. He is a member of the AIA historic resource committee and as such has traveled to the Italy and England for consultation. He is responsible for the restoration of a pre-civil war commercial building and has had it place on the National Register of Historic Sites.

Galen H. Doody P.E. has been with Collins Architects for over 18 years and specializes in structural assessments, reserve and transition studies. Mr. Doody is a licensed engineer and has conducted over 2,500 inspections for warranty corporations locating structural problems and designing repairs.

Edward Cojulun, Director of CAD Design, Information System and Project Manager assists specifically with the adaptation of various types of data base formats to create effective and successful interfaces between client systems and internal data base systems. He is responsible for all information systems, producing reports for clients and providing reports in a format suitable to client based proprietary systems.

Cathryn Kuehn, Architectural Project Manager, acts as liaison between client, construction and office staff. She maintains the architectural project data files, provides CAD drawing support and assists with engineering reserve studies.

Our office staff is available to answer any questions you might have - from casual inquiries, to ongoing updates regarding your project. Please feel free to contact us anytime.


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